Techniques to succeed in a job interview

Successfully face the job interview is not an easy thing, especially for people who have not experienced. Win a job interview takes special skills, not just a technical issue and interview material.

Job interview
Job interview

However, it’s not secret if the job interview situation often leads to job-seekers into nervous, fear and not confidence. Although before the interview they had prepared everything in advance.

Of it can be seen that the mental factor plays an important role in dealing with job interviews. Someone who is smart will not be able to show their quality if have mentally weak during the interview. On the contrary, even those with mediocre ability, if their mental good will could be seen protruding at a job interview. So in order to get our dream dream job successfully, the following are guide to winning the job interview.

1. Introduce your name clearly
Introduce yourself to the interviewer with a firm and clear voice. It is very important to show that we are confident and ready to face the job interview.

The technique used is 3P, which consists of Pause, Part, Punch. Suppose we name “Michael Angelo”. You can introduce yourself in the following way, My name is … (pause, for about one second before the name), Michael .. (part, separated for a moment with the last name), Angelo … (punch, it is given emphasis in the back with a slightly increased but not snap).

2. Eye contact
Keep your eyes fixed on the interviewer’s eyes with full attention and concentration ready to communicate with the interviewer. Eye contact is generally used as benchmarks by the interviewer to assess the confidence of the participants interviewed. Avoid eye contact as follows:

  • Darting. This kind of eye contact is not polite and means we don’t focus on the interview material.
  • Glaring. Challenging gaze will cause your character is not a good assumption.
  • Views up and down. Focus on one point, do not have up and down as it could be a sign that you are not confidence.

3. Steady handshake
Before shaking hands make sure your palms in dry conditions. Wet and greasy hands will make the interviewer feel uncomfortable. If your hands wet easily should be cleaned first. For example secretly rubbed into your pants or skirt.

Shaking hands at job interview

Shake hands the interviewer firmly and steadily without too squeezed, don’t until the interviewer felt sick. Do not just put a hand for a while, because it means first impression that you insulting the interviewer. Shake hands naturally, no need to kiss the hand of the interviewer.

Shake hands with a reasonable time, not too long. It would be better if we as interview participant which means a guest, waiting for the interviewer let them hand first. Handshake can show your positive traits such as enthusiasm, enthusiastic, active, confident and so on. But it can also lead to the opposite impression.

4. Sitting in a professional manner
The Interviewer can see the attitude of a person while sitting in the interviewer, if participants underestimate the job interview, shy, or maybe too confident. So how to sit in the interview room is also very important to note.

Sit up straight. If there is a chair, lean up straight and not bent. If there is a table, place the hands on the table with a relaxed and normal, do not fold, do not prop your chin and do not play around with stationery. If the table is located quite far, better put your hand over your thigh.

Legs bent like a normal seat. In an upright seating position perfect, exude your charm by friendly smile and show confidence naturally.

5. Think before speak
The main activities carried out during the job interview is that we will get a lot of questions from the interviewer. Do not interrupt the interviewer’s questions before they finish the question.

Listen to the interviewer’s question first carefully. Discover the main point of the question to avoid an answer that does not connect. If it’s less clear, it alright to ask about question point to the interviewer, but not too often. The goal is to perform a check that what the interviewer wants to know.

Once clear, give a short answer, solid, straightforward and not too many with ornate sentences which do not relate to the question. After answering it would not worse if we ask back to the interviewer whether our answers enough for them or still need to be clarified, with a polite tone of course.

So the key is we have to think before giving answers. The time needed to think to be adapted to whether difficult or not the question. Try every question can be answered in seconds, do not think too long.

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