Ten professions most often dreamed by children

In general, the children have a dream job or profession which they aspire. Those goals may change cause of age or growing a child. Not unless us, whether now we become a person in accordance with our childhood ideals or not. Changes in the ideals can occur with a variety of reasons. For example are due to changes in interest, an opportunity which is easier on other fields, or also because of cost reasons. However unwittingly, there are certain professions that have become legendary and most frequently dreamed by children around the world. Here top ten list of children dream job.

1. Doctor


Doctor is one profession that often aspired by children. The reason is because children’s minds still filled with peace and love, so do not be surprised if their dream is to become a doctor. In their view, doctors are people who save and heal people who are sick. So the doctor is a savior, like a superhero.

2. Pilot


Second profession that is often aspired by the children is to become a pilot. The pilot is supposed to have freedom of movement, can fly freely and can travel anywhere. This is a proof that children really like to free, happy and could move here and there.

3. Astronaut


Curiosity of a child, causing an astronaut is one profession that often dreamed by them. They liked the new things that they did not know before, including stars, the moon and outer space.

4. Lawyer


Lawyer profession was often also the dreams of children. According to their view, the lawyer has a duty to defend that right in court. Like a superhero who often become their idol. Lawyers gather evidence to defend clients who are not guilty and win against evil purposes.

5. President


Dream that one is also no stranger we hear, the kids wanted to be President. The President is a symbol of the highest positions in a country. This is evidence that children have a desire to be the best. Well, despite the fact that being a President is not easy.

6. Artist


Children could easily idolize artists that they like, most of which they see on television. The majority of artists because they liked their performance. Artists are the epitome of the famous and wealthy and a lot of money.

7. Athlete


For children who like sport, the profession as an athlete is also often dream of them. For instance, if the kids like soccer, do not be surprised if they idolize Cristiano Ronaldo and wanted to be like him. Likewise, if the kids liked basketball, they could idolize Michael Jordan.

8. Teacher


Environmental children that often learn and be in school, making them closely acquainted with their teachers. If they find a teacher who is patient, loving, and they respect, not infrequently they are dreaming to become a teacher. You can see in the game like they play with their friends, they often play a game of teacher and students.

9. Police


Seeing the film tells the adventurous police catch criminals, and throw them into prison, making the children also often dreams of becoming a policeman. In addition to interest children can also be caused by a police uniform. It’s easy for kids to idolize the police, because the job of a policeman is like a superhero.

10. Became like a father or mother

Father and mother

The influence of parents towards their children is also very dominant, because they are always caring and concerned about them every day. Children often idolize their parents like a hero. Therefore, parents should be cautious in acting in front of their children. If parents often give the wrong example, children may imitate the wrong things. So, if we are good parents, we must give examples of attitudes that are good for your children. Because it is not possible if our children really idolized us and wanted to be like us.

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    For the love of God, keep writing these articles.

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    yeah… I remember this. When my mother asking me about this when I was child, my answer is wanna be pilot captain. Cause I wanna fly high everyday!

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    Your site is outstanding I will have to read it all, thank you for the diversion from my professors!
    Anyway… when I was children I wanna be great Webmaster,lol!


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