Ten tips to save iPhone battery

Battery supposing the life of a gadget, the iPhone is no exception. If the iPhone battery used was wasteful of power, of course will cause inconvenience and dissatisfaction to the users.

iPhone battery
iPhone battery

The weakness of battery life is indeed quite felt in the iPhone compared to its competitors, such as Android and Blackberry. Some say that iOS 5 and 4S have not found a solution to save battery power, but according to Apple updating an iOS believed been able to eliminate the problem.

Here are ten steps that can be done to save battery power of the iPhone. The aim is that we can use the iPhone comfortably without always worry about running out of batteries, so at least we don’t need to charge the battery every day.

Save battery power
Save battery power

1. Update the latest version of iOS
Until now Apple had to upgrade the iOS to version 5.0.1. This iOS is believed to eliminate bugs in the use of battery power. Users of iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPod Touch 4th Generation, iPad and iPad 2 can perform this update. If already using iOS 5, the update can be done via Settings> General> Software Update. But if it is still using the iOS 4, update should do via iTunes.

2. Turn off the option “Setting Time Zone”
Before iOS upgraded by Apple, this feature will always make sure your iPhone does not move from one time zone to another time zone. This performance will make the iPhone battery was forced to work hard for the GPS and network. The way to turn it off is to go to the option Settings> Location Services> System Services> Setting Time Zone> On/Off.

3. Turn off unnecessary Location Service
If turn off the notification was not enough to saving battery, the next option is to turn off Location Services in connection with applications from third parties. An example application less important are the games or some strange application that suddenly requires Location Service. Turn off via Settings> Location Services. Select the application and then slide the option to On/Off.

4. Turn off SIRI when the screen is locked
A special for iPhone 4s users, we may occasionally experience a less enjoyable time even your iPhone screen is locked. Usually happens when we accidentally push the home button for a long time. SIRI feature will be active and of course the screen will be active to. It’s not good for saving battery power. Turn off it via Settings> General> Passcode Lock

5. Turn off unnecessary notifications
On iPhone, a lot of third parties application that periodically sends a notification. It’s going to push Internet connection by force. More and more applications are installed mean more applications that are likely to suck up battery power. Turn off this notification can be done via the menu Settings> Notifications> Notification In Center. After that choose the desired application, then set all to off, including alerts style made none.

6. Turn off option Checking WiFi
Use this feature only when need it. The reason is simple, because we will not always use it. If need to use it just re-turn on this option, in the places where we usually use WiFi.

7. Turn off the running applications
Multitasking capability can be very useful but on the other hand can make iPhone system wasteful of battery power. So, always turn off applications that have not been used. Press home button twice to display the applications that are still running, then press one of it, press and hold until a red circle show on each end of the application icon.

8. Turn off push option in Email
In addition to email from iCloud account, we actually do not need to activate push option at all, because iPhone will be automatically going to fetch it periodically. Unless we have an email account in iCloud, we can safely turn off the push option. Turn off via the menu Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Fetch New Data.

9. Set Auto-Lock more effective
By reflex, iPhone users will usually turn off the screen when not in use, by pressing the power button once, but it is still possible to forgetfulness. Turn off the display automatically in the vulnerable time, perhaps a bit much to help. The trick is via Settings> General> Auto-Lock.

10. Lower the brightness
This is a common way for the gadget. Level of brightness on the screen will affect to the use of battery power. Lower the brightness level according to your needs. Settings> Brightness and set the brightness level. With a brightness level of about 50% is safe for eye health. To be safer, better turn off Auto-Brightness as well.

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