The best golf bag in world

In order to make golf game becomes easier and convenient, the golfer needs a proper golf equipment, including golf bags. Function golf bag is not just as a container, but also as a good protector of golf equipment, especially for sticks golf stick. Golf bag on the market with high quality, for 2011 there are several alternative, like the best options below.

1. New Sun Mountain 2011 SLX Bag Stand

New Sun Mountain 2011 SLX Bag Stand

This is a golf bag with good quality and reasonably priced. The range of prices for these bags is about US $ 190. For its weight this bag is very lightweight and there are four seals, plus a comfortable strap, and a buffer. The buffer function is to make the golfer does not need to head down to lift the bag. In addition, this bag also has seven small bags or pockets, which can be used for storing balls, tees and more.

2. Callaway Warbird X-Treme

Callaway Warbird X-Treme

With a price of around US $ 119, this good golf bag is very attractive for the market. Weight of this golf bag is approximately 6 kg, with a seven seals. That means more room for golf equipments. Buffer in the golf bag is also very stable and the handle strap will not make shoulder feel tight. This golf bag has nine pockets, including to store valuables thinks and a bottle of water. To give users a choice in the morning, the manufacturer provides plenty of color choices of this golf bag specialy for golfer.

3. Nike 2011 Tour  Cart II Bag

Nike 2011 Tour Cart II Bag

This golf bag has a diameter of 25 cm, so the room was quite spacious inside. This bag has 14 seals, which can be used as stand-alone place for each golf sticks. It is quite beneficial for golf equipments care, because it will reduce the violent collision that can happen to a sticks golf. This bag has 13 pockets, which can be used to carry valuables, keep snacks or drinks to stay cool. The rope handles are also very comfortable to use. The price of this bag is about US $ 199 and available in three color choices.

4. Callaway Hyper-Lite 4.0

Callaway Hyper-Lite 4.0

Like the other best golf bag, this bag is also equipped with a buffer, which allows golfers to take the golf equipments and golf ball while playing golf in the field. Sale price is about US $ 140. As the name implies, this bag is very lightweight, with a weight of about 1.9 kg. The rope had a four point buffer so that makes it more comfortable when being moved. There are also six baffle and 11 pockets, including bottled water for drinking. This bag is perfect for regular golfers and is also available in a variety of color choices.

5. Ogio Mantix Ultralite

Ogio Mantix Ultralite

The price of this golf bag is about US $ 150 and at the top have 14 partition. This bag has a coating that can reduce the strain on the shoulder. There are many pockets in this bag, including for valuables, an umbrella and water bottle. This bag is lightweight and making simple it suitable for all golfer including for beginners.

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    It will exhausting to search out knowledgeable individuals on this subject, but you sound like you already know what you are speaking about! Thanks

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    It will laborious to seek out knowledgeable individuals on this topic, however you sound like you recognize what you are talking about! Thanks

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    But all of bags are expensive. Any cheaper one with good quality?


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