The cause of sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis or get cramp while sleeping disease is a condition when a person is awakened from sleep but the body is difficult to move, unable to talk or even scream. Based on the medical science of the disorder is called sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis
Sleep paralysis

Many people associate the condition with the act of supranaturals which are on top of a sleeping person’s body. So that they can not move, speak or scream, though they have awakened from sleep. People who experience sleep paralysis often find it difficult to move the body, difficulty speaking, was strangled and chest tightness.

However based on medical science, sleep paralysis is not associated with the act of supernatural beings. During sleep, activity and body of a person’s muscles become immobile causing temporary paralysis. For some people paralysis may persist for some time after they awoke. Sleep paralysis is usually also accompanied by hallucinations.

When a person is asleep, the brain activity through two different things, called active sleep or REM (rapid eye movement) and non-REM sleep. Non-REM during sleep will result in moving while sleeping like talking in sleep or for some people even they somnambulism (walking in sleep). While REM sleep would affect heart rate, respiration rate and blood pressure during sleep.

Psychologically, sleep paralysis associated with REM sleep stage, where after experiencing REM sleep, the eyes open but the paralysis persisted. Sleep paralysis usually occurs about 2-3 minutes. Once the brain reconnect with the body people who get sleep paralysis can move their body back. However, something that last longer are generally terrible memory or a nightmare.

Physiologically, the cause of sleep paralysis is not known with certainty. So far, the psychological giving an overview of the causes of sleep paralysis such as stress, irregular sleep patterns, sleep habits up and the sudden change in environment or lifestyle. The phenomenon of sleep paralysis can happen to anyone. At least everyone will have once or twice in their life, or for some people even more than that.

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