The most expensive chocolate in the world

Chocolate is a delicious and scrumptious food that has been entrenched in the whole world. Foods derived from cacao seeds are now available with a variety of brands and preparations. Not only that, the shape or mold also made in a lot of variety, so very interesting. Valentine’s Day is also synonymous with chocolate, to show compassion.

Enjoy chocolate
Enjoy chocolate

With a variety of processing methods and materials used will affect the quality of chocolate that produced, and most importantly of course the taste. In the end chocolates are sold in the market have varying prices, ranging from cheap to high priced.

Apparently, in this world there is the famous chocolate with a very expensive price when compared with the chocolate that we encounter in general. The following is a list of the world’s most expensive chocolate, or maybe you’ve ever tasted the delicious. Here the most expensive chocolates!


Chocopolagie chocolate

This Chocolate was created by Fritz Knipschildt, a culinary chef who studied in Denmark. It costs US $ 2,600 per 450 grams and can be found in Norwalk, Connecticut. Chocolate is sold at a price of US $ 250 per seed, for the dark chocolate truffle. Truffle consists of 70 percent Valhrona cocoa, mixed with soft Ganache and handmade truffle oil.


Noka chocolate

Noka chocolate is chocolate with the second highest price in the world. This special was created by chocolates Noka Vintages Collection. The selling price of chocolate is 450 US $ 854 per grams and only sold in Dallas, Texas. Noka is a compilation of the best dark chocolate plantations in Venezuela, Ivory Coast, Trinidad and Ecuador. This chocolate is made from 75 percent pure cocoa with other mixtures, such as cocoa butter and sugar.


Delafee chocolate

Delafee created by Delfee. As the third most expensive chocolate in the world, this chocolate is sold at a price of US $ 504 per 450 grams and it is in Neuchatel, Switzerland. This Chocolate is a luxury because it is made of 24 karat gold with shaped pieces in each hand-made chocolates. Delafee chocolate made ​​from sugar, coconut oil, cocoa butter, milk powder and vanilla.


Richart chocolate

This chocolate was created by Richart. Although only was fourth, it has the advantage that chocolate contains about 70 percent of Venezuela Criollo cocoa, which is recognized as a country producing the best quality chocolate in the world. Cocoa contained in Richart chocolate is the best cocoa powder to produce the best flavor. It costs US $ 120 per grams and sold in Lyon, France.


Godiva G Collection chocolate

Created by Godiva “G” Collection. It costs US $ 117 per pound and there in New York City, New York. Godiva comes from one of the country which famous for its chocolate products, Belgium. Godiva Chocolatier chocolate manufacturer introduces its latest collection of chocolates, ‘G’. The entire collection of ‘G’ consists of various ingredients and flavors like the palette d’Or, Tasmanian Honey and Mexican Hot Chocolate.

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