The stolen Rembrandt drawing has been found

The policemen United States said to have rediscovered the sketch of the 17th century, which has been lost because of stolen. The painting is the work of famous Dutch painter, Rembrandt. The drawing was worth very expensive, reaching 250,000 U.S. dollars.

Rembrandt drawing

According to information, the painting was stolen last weekend on Saturday night when exhibited at the Ritz-Carlton, California. At that time, the curator of the exhibition occupied by someone who seems interested in buying another painting that was exhibited. However, when the curator is looking back to the Rembrandt painting, the painting has been lost. It remains unclear whether such a person interested in buying the painting, something to do with the case of theft or not.

Rembrandt sketch just put on a wooden stand and not attached to the wall. The paintings were created using pen, which is like describing the situation of a courtroom. In the sketch of a man who appears weak and helpless in front of a judge.

Sketch is completed by the Rembrandts in 1655. In addition Rembrandts also added his signature behind the sketches. The painter is regarded as one of the best European painters. So that his works are many high-priced and make rich a target of theft.


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