The truth understanding of white coffee

Coffee as everyone knows, is a drink that has a black color. Sometimes the color changes to brown, due to the addition of milk or creamer. Because it’s not surprising that today many people are confused by the term “white coffee”. The point here is not a trademark, but they wonder, is it really any kind of coffee that has a white color. Or was it the same term with coffee milk or coffee creamer? Therefore, the following review may be helpful to your knowledge about the understanding of white coffee.

White coffee sample
White coffee sample

Actually, the notion of white coffee can vary depending on each area. In English-speaking countries for example, white coffee referring to black coffee which was given milk, cream, or products derived from corn syrup, soy, and nuts are poured at room temperature. Coffee is also known as light coffee, coffee light, coffee with milk, or regular coffee.

In the United States, white coffee is coffee beans are heated to the yellow roast level. Because the heating process only briefly, the natural sugar in coffee beans is not lost, so there’s no bitter taste behind. This copy is used for making espresso, not regular coffee makers. Acidity levels high enough to trace a subtle nutty flavor.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian knows Ipoh white coffee, which comes from the city of Ipoh. Coffee beans roasted with margarine from palm oil, so the color is not too dark. After that, the coffee served with sweetened condensed milk. There is a misconception that there is a typical Malaysian coffee beans called white coffee bean. In fact, the question is robusta or arabica coffee beans imported baked until brightly colored.

The term also refers to the herbal tea from Lebanon or Yemen made with orange blossom water. White coffee was also associated with the tea because coffee beans are cooked until pale brown dipped in water. The result is a golden-colored beverage flavor with traces of nuts or flowers, and tasted a bit sour like tea.

In Indonesia there is a coffee producer who sells “white coffee”. Coffee is claimed to be produced by the engine from cold drying tech Japan. Coffee beans through the process of freezing to -40 C so its gastric acid content is reduced to 80%, while the caffeine content intact. Perhaps, that’s why this product is safe for the stomach and the heart.

Instant coffee powder is shaped by a mixture of non-dairy creamer and sugar. Once brewed, the color tends to be pale or creamy than regular coffee. The color is not really black which is why this coffee is called white coffee.

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