Thinnest, lightest at affordable prices of Netbook

Talk about cheap laptop, maybe we do not really think about design. Could have a cheap laptop with good quality is already very useful. However, Asus is another opinion and think that it is less complete.

ASUS Eee PC X101
ASUS Eee PC X101

Design of rigid and narrow screen once used their products, Asus is now replaced by a very thin and lightweight packaging, two things that usually only found on laptops at higher prices. That’s reason netbook Asus created the thinnest, lightest netbook with a very affordable price.

ASUS Eee PC X101, a very thin, will be marketed at a price of U.S. $ 199-209 for the SSD version, while the series X101H equipped 320GB SATA HDD, will be sold at U.S. $ 249-259 price range.

Latest super-slim netbook from ASUS is a netbook with a 10 inch thinnest and lightest in the world because it has a thickness as thin as 14.5mm and weights 920 grams. Although the price is quite populist, who offered the Asus specs good enough and aligned with its competitors. This is evidenced by the use of Intel’s latest Atom processor, 1GB RAM, 2 USB 2.0 ports, microSD slot, webcam and an internal memory of 8GB SSD.

The use of SSD, making start-up time and response when opening an application to be faster. Meanwhile, to optimize the use of batteries, in addition to the use of LED backlight screen, X101 also been equipped with the ASUS SHE (Super Hybrid Engine) that has a resistance of the battery power up to 4 hours. For the operating system, X101 relying Meego.

MeeGo OS
MeeGo is an operating system (OS)-based open-source Linux. Initially targeted for the mobile phone market, but its use can be used also for larger electronic devices like netbooks, tablets, laptops, smartTV, and others.

MeeGo itself is a cooperation project between Intel with Nokia and was first introduced in February 2010. The initial idea of making this operating system is to combine a Linux-based operating systems from Intel (Moblin) and Nokia (Maemo), became a Linux operating system better.

Well, the OS is exactly what used Asus for its products this time, so the X101 can be directly used when first used with no need to bother doing the installation. In addition, the X101 is also equipped with a special application Facebook, Twitter and also supports instant messaging (instant messaging) plus the Google Chrome browser. If it is still less, you can add your own by visiting the [email protected] and ASUS AppStore that provide various types of free applications are available for download.

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