Tips to have beautiful legs and smooth

Have ideal legs, smooth and beautiful, is the desire of most women. The women are more confident if thet have beautiful legs which of course can support their performances. Beautiful legs identical to healthy skin and fascinating, not hairy, and well proportioned, like a model.

Beautiful legs
Beautiful legs

Especially if the woman is like wearing a mini skirt to showing legs, has beautiful legs is a must. Another positive impact that can be obtained is able to support the appearance and increase confidence in the world of work. Therefore, these simple tips and do not spend much time to get women legs smooth and beautiful.

1. Soften the skin of your legs
Softens the skin of the foot can be done with a scrub. Scrub the body’s function is to remove skin cells that have died. Therefore, women who wish to have beautiful legs should be diligent in scrubs. It would be better if the material to scrub contains oil which can prevent the skin of the feet become dry and peel.

How to apply the correct standard scrub there, namely a circular motion and to pay more attention around the knee and ankle. Next is to wrap your feet with lotion skin fasteners. The selected material should contain caffeine and seaweed extract, which can temporarily make the skin becomes more toned legs.

2. Making hair free legs.
The best way to shave her legs is to use a four-blade razor. A razor like this can make the hair clipped up in a single leg shaving, so no need to shave during repetitive.

While the best time to shave is the last time a steam bath. The steam will soften the hair, so it will facilitate the process of shaving. The best technique for shaving leg hair is from the opposite direction from the direction of hair growth.

At the time of using shaving cream hair, choose a hair shaving cream that contains lubricating material, such as silicone, oil and sap selulosit. Such materials will help reduce redness and irritation. In addition, these materials will soften the hair and will make the razor glide easily over the skin of our feet. But do not forget to read the best pack of shaving cream product before buying it.

Another way to make hair free legs is by waxing. Of course this way is more suitable for people who are patient and able to withstand a little pain during the process of waxing is done at your feet. Waxing means plucking the legs down to the roots, so the results are longer lasting than shaving. Waxing should be done on a small surface gradually to reduce pain.

For hair that grows abnormally, such as coarse and curly hair, the skin surface of the feet should be massaged in advance, using cotton, which dipped in the face cleanser that contains glycolic and salicylic-acid. This will just open the top layer of skin and open the hair follicles so that hair can grow through it.

3. Create your toenails look more beautiful
Creating a more beautiful toes can be done with nails. Cut your toenails straight, then miserly tip of a sharp fingernail, but should not be circular. Because if you cut your nails done in a way that makes the nail grow into the surrounding skin.

Toenails care
Toenails care

To beautify the skin of the foot can be done by removing calluses and rubbed with pumice stone. After that, apply a smoothing foot scrub. In addition it should also be soaked feet. Push back cuticles with a towel that has been moistened washer, then rubbed with a moisturizer and cuticle oil. Let soak for about two minutes and then cleaned the remaining oil.

Other measures to create more beautiful toes is to use nail polish. The trick is to put the base layer and two layers of nail polish. To make the look shine, use bright colors like pink and purple.

4. Make legs skin more shining
If our legs pale skin, the treatment can be done is the treatment of gradual self-tanner. The materials contained in these treatments will help the amino acids in the skin to produce the brown pigment in the skin naturally. In this way the skin of our feet will appear darker within five to seven days. Further treatment is to apply the lotion every day to make the skin more radiant feet.

By applying a bronzing oil before going out can make your skin brown. These effects can last up to our bathroom. To produce a more durable effect could use a mousse or towelette, with the browning process that does not require much sunlight. Both of these skin care can make the color of the foot like it had been going to the beach, golden, and the effect can last up to seven days.

5. Refine the results
Can be done with the feet to outsmart indentation. To treat cellulite that occurs in the feet there is no instant cure, but according to experts of the skin, cellulite can be overcome by using lotions that contain caffeine. Lotion will stimulate circulation and suppress the occurrence of wrinkles on the skin for a while.

If the skin of the foot bumped and bruised, attach a foot of ice on the area that was hit and suffered swelling. To conceal and cover up scars collision can be done by mixing some lightening makeup and skin moisturizers commonly used in everyday life.

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