Tips to heal the hurt

Not infrequently, bad things can happen in our lives, including love. One of them is hurt. Pain is a signal that tells us, that there are things that must be repaired, and attention.

Hurt and cry
Hurt and cry

Emotional pain is also almost the same as other types of pain, the body’s way of telling if we need help. When our hearts are sore, and affect the whole of our lives, it means time to treat the pain. The pain can also be a guide like a compass. Tells which part did not sound or feel things that are not true. The important thing is to be observant to listen to “shout” or warning given body.

As a “victim”, we often do not listen to the pain. But if we act as the party survive or survivor, more or less we like to open up to the pain. We learn from the pain and grow, and survive.

Against the pain makes us can not accept it as a blessing. It’s not nice package, but if we ventured to open the packet, we can get peace, more self-knowledge that can make us more calm and confident to face what is happening in the future.

Only by opening up to various emotions, we can understand who we are, why this pain can arise and what we need to liberate ourselves from the pain. The trick begins with agrees that there is a positive side of every negative event that happens to us.

Being a survivor is not easy and it was easier to be a victim of fate lament and weep. But if you want to rise up, overcome pain and grief are many ways you can do.

Think of a time where you feel great heartache. Could only recently or events that happened a long time. Remember your reaction on that experience, what are you doing to overcome it and how it makes you stronger. When it can, surely now also, right?

Find a quiet place that can provide peace for you and set aside time for your feelings. Bring paper towels, journals, a cup of tea anything that can make you calmer. Close your eyes and “enjoy” the pain is there. Reject all desires that can distract the mind. Accept that today, it’s your time to feel the pain, hurt as much as whatever it was.

For what you feel, on a friend, relative, or even a therapist. Sharing can show if you do not own, even if you feel the most alone in the world. Sharing can also be one way to let go of the pain that exists.

Set aside time each day to treat wounds. Find the fun that can make that many good things in sight. Routines are also important. So do easy things that once could treat and become routine, such as cycling, listening to music, taking care of plants or yoga.

In fact, the term time can heal forget it can be regarded as a thing is not real. Because if it could, would not be no such thing as pain. To forget or heal it takes time, but without the effort you’ll get up early every day to feel the same pain. The theory is easier than practice. But with the trust and confidence, surely you can get through and overcome all the pain that happened.

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