Vic Chou told when depression

There are few Korean actors and actresses who are depressed, one of Vic Chou. The handsome actor says that probably most people do not believe if in fact he was depressed when entering the world of showbiz. The actor wanted to leave the industry, immediately terminate the contract and saying goodbye to it all.

Vic Chou

However, the offer to play the Korean drama continues flow to Vic, although the actor has tried to distance itself from the world of entertainment. One thing that most makes Vic depressed was because he saw things that are done by people to reach the top by any means. Vic is a typical actor who can not afford to fight and prefer to do it quietly.

However, by being quiet like that, Vic not free from problems. The actor was still feeling remains plagued by other people wherever he is. However, because of the nature of the actor who does not want to fight, eventually the emotional burden accumulated in him over the years. Bad condition that ultimately made ??him depressed.

At the time of the depression, Vic Chou told that he was immune to all kinds of pain, not even fear of death. By the time he was experiencing the worst period, he had told himself that if he wanted to die, he would die that day.

Fortunately, Vic Chou psychiatric condition gradually improved when he got support from his friends. Vic was deeply grateful to all of his friends who had given a positive thinking, thereby reducing the depression that he was feeling. Currently the actor is getting better thoughts and depression reduced. Vic Chou said, the negative things in mind can be reduced by willing to share with other friends.

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