Wi-fi consumes a lot of battery energy

Maybe you are one who had an unpleasant experience like this. After turning the gadgets to catch the wi-fi signals in public spaces, before long, you see the device you are using the latest signal that the battery in it is reduced drastically. And the gadgets you use is touted as a device with the latest technology. Besides these gadgets also been reviewed with positive results by technology experts.


These problems can occur, in fact there is nothing wrong with the gadget you have. But in fact, to catch the wi-fi signal does require a lot of energy for the captors whether in the form of a smart phone gadgets, laptops, and tablets. Gadget is an average using the battery as an energy source so the wi-fi tends to wasteful batteries.

Wi-fi is so strong energy drain devices are used, due to the reasons mentioned below. Wi-fi signal strength given millwatts units of decibels (dBm), while sending data to a device that functions as receiver. Wi-fi network with a high dBm signal tends to have broad coverage. Consequently, this requires more energy than the wi-fi with a low dBm.

Wi-fi technology in earlier times, in contrast with wi-fi technology that is used at this time. In earlier times, wi-fi catcher battery requires more energy because it depends of the volume of data traffic that occurs at that time also, in the same radio. Meanwhile, for the wi-fi technology of today has grown WMM Power Save which ensures the process receives a signal for small devices like mobile phones, PDAs, and other gadgets can be a maximum working without draining the battery of your device faster. Unfortunately the effectiveness of WMM Power Save only saves up to 15% only. So the difference in battery consumption is still not much different.

Therefore, factors other than wi-fi technology, there are several factors that affect how much energy the battery is swallowed when the device turns on. Type of battery used by the gadget is one factor. At this time many smart phones with large battery capacity, so it is ready to execute some action fairly heavy for mobile energy, like turning on wi-fi feature.

Turns on whether or not the catcher features wi-fi signal is also greatly affect the condition of the battery. Therefore, turn off the wi-fi signal receiver is very effective to save the battery. Well, because wi-fi consumes considerable energy, the use of wi-fi should be arranged in such a way so as not to drain the battery much your gadgets. So kindle wi-fi on when needed, whereas if it is not needed should be turned off only.

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